Thursday, March 31, 2011

Phoebe Arrives

A phoebe arrived in our yard today -- the first of the year. The phoebe landed ahead of the approaching April Fool's Day Nor'easter. Say it ain't so. I just raked the gardens, uncovering chives and tulips and other perennials.

 Chives - a touch of new green growth in the garden

Each day we watch the patches of snow shrink in size in our front yard. Just a wee bit of snow remains on the front lawn, although bigger piles persist in the colder and more shaded back and side yards. This all changes tomorrow with an unpredictable amount of new snow on the way. The good news is that temperatures will climb into the high 40s this weekend, so whatever tomorrow brings, it won't last.

The phoebe and I will be glad to see the snow melt away. Time for gardening not snowshoeing.

Tulips unfurling

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