Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The temperature on the outdoor thermometer crawled toward 40 degrees, but never quite made it that high today. A strong west wind made it feel much colder. The snow pack in our backyard is still more than two feet deep. Is this March or February? -- hard to tell, except by noting the sun's path. The sun is rising earlier and setting later and today the sky was clear and blue. Still, it wouldn't hurt to show a little green grass to prove it is really March. That, I think, is still many weeks away, much to the delight of Kodi.

A view on our morning walk on Bald Hill Road;
still lots of snow in fields and forests

Kodi checks the snow depth in our yard, burying a tennis ball as deep as he can

According to Kodi there is still plenty of snow and to him that is most excellent

I just checked my blog posts for March 1st (or thereabouts) from the past two years. On March 4th in 2009 we received one foot of fresh snow. On March 1st in 2010 we were on day four of a power outage, the result of a late February Nor'easter. How soon one forgets. Now I'm feeling better about March 1, 2011. Blue skies and not a Nor'easter in sight.

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