Sunday, February 6, 2011

Squirrel Watching

Four chubby gray squirrels visit our feeders daily. They hang around beneath the feeders foraging for seeds tossed out by the birds; the baffle on the post prevents them from climbing up to the feeders. The four seem to travel together, racing and chasing each other up the nearby white pine when the mood strikes or when Kodi gives chase.

Kodi has become quite the squirrel watcher. Especially since once last week he caught up to one that was slow bounding back to the tree. Kodi surprised himself that he got that close and the squirrel easily wriggled free of his paws. Now Kodi jumps on the bed in the first floor spare bedroom and stares longingly out the window at the feeder. His body tenses if the squirrels are there, while he is indifferent to the birds.

Kodi watches two gray squirrels 

The squirrels return again and again, so they are not really pestered by Kodi. They seem to catch on to his game and will likely not linger again when they see a small black bear-like animal race toward them.

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