Friday, February 18, 2011

A Brown Creeper Sings

A touch of spring today, with temperatures soaring into the low 60s. The sun never felt so good. Some snow melted, although the snow pack in our yard is still two feet deep. I heard a brown creeper sing its spring song in the backyard today.

On the morning walkabout with Kodi, I heard two male cardinals singing dueling songs from their tree-top perches. The females, I presume, were hanging out somewhere in the underbrush. New Roots Farm tapped a few sugar maples; the first taps that I've seen as the maple syrup season gets underway. Such welcome signs that winter is losing its grip and is slowly, but steadily, melting away.You could smell spring in the air.

Today was just a teaser though. The winds are already gathering force as the sun goes down. It is back to freezing temperatures for the foreseeable future. Well, there is nothing we can do about the weather, so we are off to tackle another 4,000-footer or two this weekend, winter gear and all.


  1. I went through some of the older postings too. Would be a very nice blog to share with school kids in India. The way it is written can inspire kids to think deeply about nature. Pictures are of very high quality, sensitively shot. And Kodi, Bella and Fargo look contented with life.
    Cheers ,
    Shreeniwas from Amsterdam

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog Shreeniwas. Look forward to meeting you someday -- maybe in the hills of Kerala! I'd like to find a sister blog in India.