Thursday, January 13, 2011


Finally a winter snowstorm worthy of its name. Snow started falling night before last and by morning already 6 inches had accumulated. It snowed all day. Most people stayed home to let the plows clear the roads. Srini, Kodi, and I set out in late afternoon for a snowshoe in the back. Kodi bounded in the deep snow, oblivious to huge balls of snow forming on his chest and hind end as the snow clung to his long hairs. He looked like a bumblebee carrying huge pollen sacs. By evening fourteen inches of snow covered the ground.

This morning under a clear blue sky, Kodi and I set out again to explore the new wintry world - this time Kodi stuck to the now packed snowshoe trail. The woods and wetland were quiet; most animals had not yet emerged from their snow-covered dens and roosts. Only the woodland mice revealed their movements atop the fresh snow. A lone downy woodpecker worked the branch of a white pine.

Views from our morning snowshoe through woods and wetland:

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