Friday, January 21, 2011

Plant Quiz 3

I have been remiss in not posting the next plant quiz. January snows keep coming - with a bit of rain in between this week -- so I've been too busy snowshoeing and shoveling. Another 6 plus inches of snow are expected today. Before I get ready for more shoveling, here is the next quiz.

On my snowshoeing travels I keep my eyes open for winter buds; there are many and if you look close they add a lot of beauty to the otherwise grays and whites of winter. Below are eight photos of winter buds. To make this slightly easier, here is the list of plants: gray birch, American beech, red maple, shagbark hickory, rhododendron, speckled alder, hobblebush, highbush blueberry. Match these plants with the buds below.

1 comment:

  1. Soooooo much easier as a multiple choise! But still I feel like cheating and running out to look at our blueberries, viburnums, maple.

    Always a pleasure to take part in.