Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzard Lite

For us the blizzard of 2010 was more roar than substance -- lots and lots of wind but only 6 inches or so of snow. Where was the two feet! We wanted more since we were snug in our home and not traveling.

This is our first major snowstorm with Kodi (we adopted him in early April) and he LOVES snow. The roar of the town snow plow going by the house did made him bark in surprise, but once he saw the snow he pounced in joy. He raced around the yard with a big smile, like a kid on a snow day. He buried his bone in the snow, then dug it out, then buried it again, then dug it out, and again and again until we went back inside.

Although we did not get as much snow as some places, the wind arrived and stayed. The wind chill around mid-morning today was below zero. Kodi and I ventured out for walks in the woods - me with multiple layers of winter clothes and Kodi with nothing extra. He trotted and sniffed and wandered without a care for the temperature. Actually he seems to much prefer winter to hot summer days. Here he sits in the cold snow at the edge of a frozen pond chewing the stub of a tree.

Although I would have preferred more, six inches of powdery snow is plenty for snowshoeing and wildlife tracking. So far we've seen only squirrel and deer as the wind is sweeping away most tracks as soon as they form. The wind can go anytime. I hope the snow lingers, but the weather forecast calls for 40 degrees and rain for New Year's day. Grrrrr


  1. I have never experienced snow in my life and I'm here in California =(.

  2. We just got more than a foot of fresh powder today! Yippee...........