Friday, November 12, 2010

A Late Fall Planting and Harvest

Farmer Renee invited three of us volunteers over to help her plant the last of the seed garlic yesterday afternoon. We all eagerly joined her to spend a few hours under a glorious and warm November sun. The New Roots Farm garlic is now all in the ground -- I think Renee said it was close to 10,000 cloves. The sun was starting to set by mid-afternoon, but we all continued on to the beet patch, harvesting the last of that crop -- smallish beets that will keep well in cold storage and sold at upcoming winter farmer's markets.

One never leaves New Roots Farm after a few hours or more of planting and harvesting, without your own harvest basket full of produce. Who would have thought farmers could grow such beautiful vegetables this late in the season in northern New England. Here is what I brought home today:

Lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, big tomatoes and grape tomatoes grown in a greenhouse, carrots dug fresh, small round sweet turnips, onions, beets (not in the picture), and one more thing in this you see it? Look closer...

There, behind the turnips and grape tomatoes .......

 blue oyster mushrooms!

These are a first for New Roots Farm, grown on straw in burlap bags. We'll saute these tonight in some olive oil or butter and garlic. Renee says they are delicious.

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