Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumnal Equinox 2010

The sumacs and poison ivy are already a deep orange-red. One theory is that these early leaf-turners are shouting out to migrating birds that their fruits are ripe and ready to be had. Another theory is that the red pigments shade sensitive tissues when the plants are reabsorbing nutrients from their leaves. Regardless, the colors are splendid, and now, on this first day of fall, the brilliant colors are spreading to the maples and beyond. And acorns are falling like raindrops, startling Kodi as they fall all around us in the woods and on the road.

This afternoon Kodi and I walked up Bald Hill Road to the woodworking school as we used to do with all of our dogs. We've done that less with Kodi, as he seemed to be happy going off to doggie daycare several times a week. That has changed -- more on that tomorrow -- so we took advantage of a lovely afternoon to soak up the setting sun and admire the changing of the season.

We reached the woodworking school just as the late afternoon September sun lit up the shop's sign.

Alan is our woodworking teacher, friend, neighbor, carpenter, and owner of Homestead Woodworking School located on his family's homestead. I dedicate this post to his wife, Melissa, who died last week after a long battle with cancer. Such nice people should not have to suffer so.

Kodi and I walked among the tall grasses in the field above the woodworking shop and house, absorbing the sun's light and warmth on this autumnal equinox. A new season is upon us and a time to give thanks to our good fortune to be here and surrounded by such natural beauty.

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