Friday, August 13, 2010

Rock Cairns

On Wednesday we drove along the southern Maine coast. It was a gorgeous summer day -- blue sky, shimmering waters, warm but not hot. The beaches were packed with sunbathers and surfers. Everyone seems to be on vacation this week. We walked the Marginal Way trail in Ogunquit, a perfect winter spot to view Harlequin ducks up close. In summer the trail is nearly toe to toe people. Despite the throng of people, we soaked up the salt air and bright sunshine.

Marginal Way is sandwiched between homes with spectacular views and the rocky shore and great expanse of ocean beyond. The trail is paved and meandering, with benches along the way to rest and pause for a view.

Near the northeast end of the trail, visitors had created an informal sculpture garden of rock cairns. Typically used to mark the location of trails, particularly above treeline, these cairns were pure art. Waves crashed nearby. Surely a N'easter would wash away this temporary art. Today though, the salt spray and gentle sea breeze barely nudged the stones.

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