Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Humid

I think everyone around here agrees that it is too humid and has been so for about two weeks. My hair curls and thickens by the inch with each 10 percent rise in humidity, or so it seems. It is really bushy now! I wonder if other people gauge the weather by watching how their hair responds.

This humidity is enough to make anyone squirrely. Speaking of which, this is the year for squirrels and chipmunks. And with what looks like a bumper nut crop, this trend will continue into next year. Kodi and I walk a loop around the neighborhood morning and evening. He's looking for squirrels around the base of trees and among the stone walls, but they all seem to be in the treetops dropping acorns from red oak trees. The roadside is littered with the nuts. Many are ground into the pavement by passing cars. Today we picked up a green branch full of acorns. Kodi dragged it home (as with many such things I carried it part-way for him).

After I finished taking some photos of the acorns, Kodi shredded the branch. These are his favorite "toys" -- things we find. We can buy him something expensive from the pet store, but he'd rather tear into a stuffed animal (especially if it squeaks) from a yard sale or a plastic water bottle from the roadside, or other discarded item (preferably plastic). Interesting, currently his favorite toy is a stuffed squirrel!

Anyway, I am thinking that the squirrels are dropping the acorns much earlier than usual or the acorns are ready sooner. The timing of natural events is also a bit squirrely this year -- doesn't prolonged hot, humid weather usually come during the dog days of August? I already noted that the blueberry season is early as is the garlic harvest. The deer flies are thick and pesky; unfortunately one species that absolutely loves humid weather. On a good note -- the first green beans are ready for harvest.

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