Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eating Peas and Watching Clouds

Kodi is off playing with his dog pals at the Yellow Dog's Barn. Srini is at work and so am I, except that I work from home. By mid-afternoon I quit (for the day) and wander out to the front yard with Aria. We both laid down in the grass close to the pea patch.

Aria loves sugar snap snow peas -- it might be her favorite food. We struggle to get her outside for a walk these days; we assume her arthritis causes too much pain. But for fresh peas, she trots to the patch. Aria would pick the peas herself if she could see well. Instead we pick them for her and drop them into her mouth so she doesn't bite our fingers (by mistake) in her hurry to eat the pea pod.

While Aria waits for more peas, I lie back and watch wispy clouds float by in the blue sky above. Laying in the grass, eating peas, and watching clouds. We both sigh happily at our good fortune.

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