Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Kodi

Earlier this month on National Public Radio, a couple told the tale of acquiring a golden retriever lab mix puppy. They named him Dovekie, after a black and white seabird with similar coloration. When Dovekie sprouted long eyebrows, whiskers and nose, they began to wonder about his heritage. The lab part seemed to be missing. A DNA test revealed that Dovekie was part golden retriever, wirehaired pointing griffon (hence the funky hairs), bearded collie, and miniature schnauzer. Diminutive like a dovekie he was not. Of course they loved him anyway.

Our dog Kodi went through a bit of a transformation too. When we adopted him in early April he had a mostly black, longish coat. He was fairly light at 45 pounds, with not much muscle tone having been confined to a shelter for most of his first year. The SPCA staff thought he was perhaps an Australian shepherd-black lab mix. We named him Kodi, as in Kodiak bear, because he looked like a bear cub.

Soon after he came home with us he started shedding. We found small patches of black fur everywhere. His dog bed was covered in fur each morning. I took him to the vet who thought he had seasonal allergies. Kodi's activity level soared and has not ceased in three months. The shedding has mostly stopped. He still weighs less than 50 pounds, but now he is all muscle; no slack on that dog.

Kodi just started swimming - he likes water but is not a natural swimmer. He'll chase a ball or stick, but is not inclined to retrieve it for us. So, we've wondered about the lab part. That seems to be missing. I am now leaning toward part American Staffordshire terrier, given his broad face, taut, sleek body (the long fur is gone), and brindle color on his lower legs. He also has a squeaky voice. Kodi likes to nip, a herding instinct that suggests he may indeed be part Aussie.

Although he now looks less like a furry bear cub, Kodi is a cool dog and just as cute. He is great with kids and playful. We think he has finally passed the book chewing phase, although he remains a bit mischievous. At the Yellow Dog's Barn daycare where Kodi goes at least 3 days a week, we think he is a favorite of JoAnne, one of the owners. Kodi goes non-stop at the Yellow Dog. I call him Kodi the Action Figure Dog.

A few photo's from the Yellow Dog's Barn daily posting of the dogs at daycare:

The black dogs' turf; Kodi in the center

Planning the day's activities?

Let's dig a hole today

 Let's rumble

Finally resting on a hot day

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