Sunday, May 2, 2010

Watching the Peas Grow

The sugar snap peas are up and grew at least an inch today on a warm May day -- a high of 88 degrees here.

The sugar snap pea growth spurt capped a fine weekend of weather and yard work. We pushed many wheelbarrow loads of compost and loam to the perennial beds, to trees and shrubs, to small holes dug by Kodi during his first few weeks, and to other sparse patches of lawn. The black flies were out but their numbers few. Aria relaxed next to the yew in soft loam where she had a commanding view of Srini working in the yard and where she was safe from Kodi's playful but pesky antics.

I heard the raspy song of the scarlet tanager that must have arrived overnight in our neighbor's red oak tree. In late afternoon three eastern kingbirds flew overhead calling as they went. The migrants are arriving in ones and twos.

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