Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Sign at New Roots

Today was farm day. I did not notice until I was leaving that they have a beautiful new sign!

Two more goat kids arrived since I was last there. Nightshade gave birth to twin boys. My, my, now there are five boys and no girls.

Nightshade's kids -- the two on the right -- are gray-brown and look like their mother. Although born a week later, they are already bigger than the triplets. All are healthy. The triplets are still small enough that they can escape the box wire fence. This is cute until they get into the greenhouse and start eating plants.

The greenhouse that was blown down in the February hurricane and that was re-built is now full of seedlings. I selected several dozen seedlings for our garden: big beef, san marzano, green zebra, grape, sun gold, and cherry tomatoes, beatrice, pingtung and fairy tale eggplant, various kinds of peppers, and a bit of zucchini, cucumber and Swiss chard. And a dozen basil seedlings. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than our garden plot.

While I was exclaiming over the recent good weather, Farmer Jeff was lamenting the lack of rain. Farmers always have a different outlook. He is right though. Things are looking and feeling a little dry. Rain expected tomorrow. We need a good soaking.

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