Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Day For Drying

The day started cool (40 F), clear, and windy, and is ending much the same. Throughout the day clouds moved, winds blew continuously, and the sun played with the clouds. By mid-afternoon it warmed to the mid-50s. It was a day for extra layers, especially a wind breaker. A great day for drying clothes outside on the line.

 Clouds swirling and winds whipping; leaves hang on for dear life today.

Such a pleasure to work in the yard in May without gnats or black flies or mosquitoes buzzing in and around our ears. The constant wind kept all pests at bay. We mowed the lawn, weeded and transplanted perennials, and erected chicken fencing around the vegetable garden. The fence is to keep out the Mischievous Mr. Kodi. He seems to have a fetish for green plants. Rather like the Fantastic Mr. Fox, who can't resist stealing from nearby farmers. If you've not seen Fantastic Mr. Fox I highly recommend the movie.

 The Mischievous Mr. Kodi

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