Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shredding the Constitution

This was a good day to start Kodi's basic obedience training. The day he decided to shred the Constitution.

Dog toys are strewn across our floor, but Kodi likes paper and books and human things. He does not go after furniture legs (like Aria did when she was a pup). Instead, he likes movable objects that he can pull off shelves or sofas. He is stealthy too, sneaking quietly into the next room to look for his next target.

He clearly was not purposely shredding the Constitution. Being in this household he knows its value. Unlike the tea partiers gathered in Boston who seem to want to shred the real thing. Maybe I should send them this copy to satisfy their urges. But why waste time on them. Back to Kodi.

We joined about nine other women and their dogs at the Ellis dog training center- the dogs were an equal sex ratio. We sat boy-girl by dogs. Kodi and I were at the end of a half circle. While I tried to listen to Diane the instructor, Kodi kept a fanciful eye on the neighboring female English cocker spaniel. Diane is forceful and strong. We were all sitting straight, although the dogs were not -- maybe they will by the end of the six week class. A couple large labs were a bit dominant so they were used as teaching tools. A few dogs were completely calm and pretty much ignored the rest of the dog crowd. Kodi was unsure why they weren't all together in the middle of the room playing.

After an hour we left with our homework. Practice 10 minutes, twice a day. Kodi won't really care what kind of progress he makes in a week, but I'll be cowed if Diane thinks that I did not make progress. She is the leader of the pack.

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