Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Crash

My VAIO laptop computer crashed last Tuesday. It went wobbly on me, neither shutting down nor booting up properly. Of course I back-up my computer regularly, but for some reason I neglected that task in the last few weeks. Not a good strategy.

My hard drive is dying as I write. This weekend it sits alone at a computer repair shop. Ed the repairman thought he solved the problem on Friday by cleansing the computer of a virus. But he called back to say that the operating system was unstable in a curious way. The next move was for Ed to try transferring (saving) all my files onto a new hard drive before the existing one dies. I have not heard from him since. Maybe tomorrow. There are things I wish I had done before my computer got sick from a virus or some other malady. Note to self: back-up daily. Be well computer.

The benefit of having a computer in the shop is that you spend far more time gardening, reading, cooking, training a dog, visiting with family, and ignoring the national news. Not a bad outcome.

Our two-week dog-sitting stint ended Friday morning when Phil picked up Teak. Kodi and Teak enjoyed many outdoor romps that included some epic (playful) battles, although on the last walk Teak bolted for the car. Still, he seemed mopey the day that he had to leave.

Teak and Kodi on one of our daily walks; unusual calm

Kodi has started regular (2-3 times per week) doggie daycare at the Yellow Dog Barn. Two young women own and run the place. They host anywhere from 25 to 40 dogs a day. The dogs have several play times in groups of about 15 dogs each with nap times in crates in between. Each day they post pictures of the dogs playing or resting. Kodi will be there this week Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday so feel free to check out the Yellow Dog website and see Kodi in action. He takes play time seriously, so rarely is he resting in any photos.

We've moved into week three of basic obedience. Kodi is pretty good with the basics when he wants to be; other times he can be good at ignoring me. After 4 weeks living with us he seems to have bonded. He is affectionate with both of us, although he seems a little uncertain of most men. In his mind all women are good apparently. One thing is for sure - he loves water, yet he still has not learned to swim. 

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