Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fostering Zane

Zane, a one-year old black lab/Australian Shepherd mix is living with us, at least for awhile. He came home with us yesterday from the NH SPCA. We are fostering Zane while he recovers from non-contagious demodectic mange. If he settles into our home, and most importantly, if Aria accepts him into our pack, then he will likely stay forever.

He is a beauty -- black satiny coat, small stature, confident, curious, playful, and well-adapted considering he spent the last seven months in several different shelters. Zane arrived at the SPCA about six weeks ago from a shelter in Indiana where he landed as a stray in August. The guess is that he is about one year old. Last night and this morning he pulled out each of the toys from the toy basket. Overnight he slept silently in his crate next to our bed. He is not food motivated, thankfully. 

Aria is still scoping him out. He's received a few snarls from her when he tries to approach too close while she is sitting. She is the matriarch so we expect her to establish the pecking order.

Zane has the head of a lab and the body of an Aussie. The strong will of his Aussie heritage shows through some. He'll need training -- to learn sit, no jumping, come. He's not quite house-trained. And we are not sure about the name Zane. If we keep him that will likely change. Any suggestions?

For now, we are giving him lots of love; he is very affectionate. The final decision will come from Aria. If she comes to like him, then Zane will stay.


  1. Maybe you could call him Sparky. He's cute!

  2. He is cute...and fortunate to have stumbled in with your pack. He'll be treated well long as Aria gives him the okay. I hope it works out for all involved. This is exciting!

  3. He looks like an "Archie" to me.