Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dreaming of a Drought

A drought, the desert, arid land -- these all sound very desirable right now. Instead, we have rain, rain, and more rain. Rivers are running down our driveway and yard, water is filling roadside ditches to the brim, area rivers are rising to flood stage and beyond. We are deep into the third major rainstorm in  less than five weeks. The already saturated ground is refusing to take any more.

So we wait. Thursday, April 1st promises to be dry and 70 degrees. That better not be April Fool's. Maybe March and April got confused this year. It is April showers, not March monsoons, that bring May flowers.

One bright spot, Zane our foster dog does not mind water or rain. In fact, he seems to enjoy it. Especially the part back in the basement when he gets rubbed all over to dry his coat. He pushes in for more rubbing. Aria, on the other hand, would just as soon stay in. Zane has been with us since Saturday afternoon, three days now. We'll decide soon whether to adopt him. We are leaning yes. Today we checked off one key criteria. Aria wandered into my home office and climbed on the futon while Zane was lying on the rug nearby. This means she likes him! or at least affirms that he is okay.

So far we give him five stars. He is quiet as a mouse at night, not worried too much about food, is plenty energetic, gets slightly startled at some new things which we think is good, and is capable of self-entertainment. Today he played with the squeaker Roo for some time, although he ended by chewing off one of Roo's toes.

Tomorrow promises more splashing around in puddles and ponds.

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  1. Hi Ellen,

    Good luck to you and your family. I hope you've survived this newest storm. We've had more rain and snow than I like here but it hasn't done much damage so we can't complain. It sounds like it's much worse up in your neighborhood.

    At least the sun and dryness should be here soon. And then the migrants, wildflowers, etc.