Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Wild Wind

The skies are clear tonight, making it that much colder with winds gusting to 40 mph and temperatures creeping toward zero. The moon is inching toward full. This might be the last night to see it in this phase. A big winter storm is brewing for the New Year.

Our trip to Vermont over Christmas resulted in one casualty -- a muffler clamp. By the time we reached home on Sunday the car was sounding like a hot rod. Our local mechanic fixed us up today, but I had to walk 2 miles in the cold wind to get the car. I bundled in long underwear and wind pants, my warmest hat and gloves, and multiple layers of sweater, fleece and coat. Bella waited patiently (not) as I struggled into all my gear. She was ready to go in the same winter wear as her summer wear.

Dogs are amazing and frustrating. They have no idea how cold it is and expect us to take them out just as often, which we do. Rain, sleet, snow, or sun we venture out. Forty below wind chill or 100 degrees we venture out. I think Bella and Aria prefer the cold to the heat. Aria, the 12+ year old Shepherd is happy as a clam lying in the cold snow on a sunny Saturday. Bella trots along oblivious to the cold wind.

The odd thing though is that in the house they want their cozy beds. Aria sleeps on a large futon at night and various sofas during the day (we indulge the 12 year old!). Bella curls up on a soft dog bed next to my desk. Both don't mind lying next to one of the radiators. Bella would love to curl up in bed with us, but she was banished last spring after she got a little possessive about the pillows.

The wind is howling outside, while we are all curled up snug in the house. If I have to go out again it will take me 10 minutes to get dressed, while the dogs will be ready, quick as the wind.

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