Sunday, December 6, 2009

White Dawn


Began last eve,
wet snow fell fast.
Lit by the headlamp,
strobe lights flashing
before my eyes.

Four inches of heavy snow,
a white blanket covers the earth.
The drone of snowplows
heard through the night.

Waning gibbous moon above,
white, wintry carpet below.
Gray birches burdened by past storms,
bend lower, tips reach for the ground.

A gentle wind stirs the tree tops.
The tall pines, bathed in first light,
sway slowly, as birds wake.



  1. Hi Ellen,

    We had our first snow of the season yesterday and last night and I wondered how quickly it would reach you, especially after reading that you still had cilantro growing.

    It was a beautiful morning here with just one or two inches of snow, but I'm afraid my mesclun mix is probably gone for good. I should have thought to pick it on Friday. Even the kale doesn't look great right now but should perk up.

    This afernoon we headed to our local nature center to pick up some bird food. Trees were covered in snow, birds were all over the place, and the air had that fresh quality of winter.

    It was a real pleasure to be reminded of the beauty that winter can have.

  2. Hi Ken,

    How silly of me. After writing about the cilantro I neglected to harvest a batch yesterday. A few minutes ago I went out to dust off the snow in the dark and pick some meek-looking leaves for our Indian meal! I think it will rebound though, once the snow melts.