Monday, November 2, 2009

Moon Set

Frost is on the pumpkin this morning - the court jester still casts his cheer upon the yard. A full November moon, large, round, and orange, looking like the Great Pumpkin, sets behind the red oaks as we walked this morn. The moon so big and bright, even with the naked eye we can see the lunar mares -- the large, dark basaltic plains on the moon's surface.

The sun rises as the moon sets, both casting an orange glow on the oaks that still hold their darkened leaves. We've fallen back in time. Dawn comes earlier, casting natural light on our morning walk once again. At least for another month until the days grow shorter and darker.

We savor the morning light, knowing that evening darkness will settle in sooner today. We prepare for the shorter days and long winter ahead. Rake more leaves. Clean and fill the bird feeders. Stow the garden hoses. Gather recipes for soups and stews. Eye the long underwear in the drawer (no - we don't need that quite yet). We are ready.

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