Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red Cheer

It is gloomy. There is nothing else to say about the weather. It rained all of June, and now that it is July 1st it is raining this month too. Every morning I check online at the Weather Underground. I look with hope for this...........
and all I see day after day is this.................
The gardens are floundering or drowning. Our back deck is the best place to garden this year. The geraniums and mini petunias are providing beautiful red cheer.

The potted geraniums from last summer were brought into the house for the winter, where the leaves faded to a pale green. Outside again since late spring, they've regained their two-tone darker leaves and sprouted many scarlet red buds and flowers.

Even the hummingbird has forsaken the perennial bed for the sweet little red petunias just outside the back door to the deck. The door was ajar yesterday when I heard a loud bumblebee, only to turn and see the hummingbird hovering and darting between the red flowers.

We may get a glimpse of the sun Friday afternoon or Saturday, just to remind us that it is still up there somewhere.

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