Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heading Home

Today the clouds were blowing from the southwest to the northeast. Tomorrow morning Bella and I will pack up and follow the clouds as we head home to New Hampshire, after spending nearly six weeks here at Winterberry Farm with my parents. My mother saw her surgeon this week, 6 weeks after he replaced a cracked femur with a titanium ball and neck and some cement. He said her leg strength was good and her gait progressing well. She can start going about daily life without too many "precautions," bending and turning are now okay, just don't do it all at once. Her strength training via physical therapy shifts to outpatient. Before we know it she'll be out mowing the lawn again (and with a push mower).

I will miss many things from this extended stay. Stepping out the back door for walks in the back forty (priceless). The asparagus patch and the rhubarb (I picked a big bunch today). The woodland trail through the fern glade. Watching nature in and around the Pond, especially the green herons making their sharp, skeow, as they take flight when we approach. Catbirds calling from every thicket. Sharing space and time with my parents. Redtail at dawn. Watching Bella spring through the fields, ears flapping. Bella will miss much of the same.

A few things, just a few, I will not miss. The road noise (too much traffic on this now busy road. As kids we walked down the road and waited at a neighbors for the bus. I don't remember much traffic in those days). Pulling garlic mustard. I made, I think, a big dent, but ugh, there is more waiting for my next visit. Ticks - deer and wood - but they are back home too.

A few of my favorite images from my stay at Winterberry Farm.

Mom's celebratory visit to the pond, 6-week's post-surgery.

A "family" of ferns emerging.

Interrupted ferns

Wild grape

Early morning walks with Bella in the back forty.

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