Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fruit Trees in Bloom

The fruit trees are in full flower, and what a year.
The pears and cherry tree in the orchard
are blanketed in white.
The old apple trees and crab apples in the yard,
likewise, are in full white blossom.
As you walk by each tree the air is full of their fragrance.
The bees and other pollinators are busy at work,
gathering nectar and moving pollen around.

The Baltimore oriole sings cheerily from the pear tree,
as it does every year.
Its orange and black plumage
brilliant amongst the white flowers.

The wild apple trees win the blue ribbon for beauty,
with their pink satin buds.

In full flower the shades of pink and white are stunning.
Scattered throughout the wooded field edges,
these wild apples display bouquets of gorgeous flowers.

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