Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winterberry Farm

I arrived here at Winterberry Farm, our family place in Amherst, Massachusetts, on Sunday. Gray skies, rain, and wind have dogged the area since my arrival. Patches of blue sky emerge now and then, and there is a hint that the weather is warming and improving in coming days.

Spring colors are emerging.
The woods are a red hue as red maple buds burst open in flower.

Splashes of color brighten the woodland understory.
Skunk cabbages are unfurling in the hillside seeps.

Tiny yellow spicebush buds cheer on the spring awakening.

Mom's favorite primrose is in full bloom in the perennial garden,

along with the lungwort.

I'll print this post for my mother so she can read it while in rehab after she cracked her femur in a fall last week. She now has some replacement parts in her hip and is on her way to recovery so she can come home to her flowers and old salt box at Winterberry Farm. Dad and I visit daily and are amazed at her progress. We hope to spring her soon!

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