Monday, April 20, 2009

A Willow

I have walked this one farm path a half dozen times during the past two weeks, and only yesterday did I notice the willow. It stands at about 10 feet, above my line of sight, and its smooth, rather dull, gray bark does not attract attention. My mind may have been elsewhere, too, thinking about the rabbits that usually live in the thickets along that path, but which I had not seen this spring, or pondering all my work yet to be done.

I am not sure what first caught my eye.
Possibly the flowers, sparkling in front of my eyes like
yellow fireworks beneath a bright mid-day sun.

Or maybe it was the half dozen bees and flies buzzing about,
dazzled by the same flowers. If you look close you can see
one of the bees in the top left, above the willow
(click on the photo to enlarge).

For the rest of the day I saw yellows everywhere.
Dad and I walked the woodland trail admiring the
dozens of spicebush in full yellow glory.

The daffodils splendid at the back door.

Mom's yellow primrose decorates the west perennial bed.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I've always thought that yellow is the true color of early spring: spicebush, forsythia, winter jasmine, some daffodils, where we live the invasive lesser celandine, the tiny flowers of many trees, and sometimes even the greenish-yellow of young leaves. Sort of like the first glow of spring.

    And then of course those first yellowish bird migrants, the pine, palm and yellow-rumped warblers, all with at least some yellow on them.