Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Thaw?

I suppose spring is on its way, but it sure is taking its time. This was one of those messy, icy-rainy starts to the day. By mid-day fog had settled in. The sun is absent, hiding somewhere about thick gray clouds. These shots from yesterday - the sun rising over a snowy woods in our backyard and the stream flowing through a nearby wetland trying to break through of its blanket of ice -- makes me wonder if we are back in February. How many weeks of winter did Puxatawny Phil predict?

This is when it is nice to visit someone in the blog network, such as Nature Remains. In her neck of the woods in southwest Ohio, the spotted salamanders are on the move. A hopeful sign for us in snowbound country that spring is marching north. Or by armchair join Julie Zickefoose, a regular contributor to NPR, artist, and top blogger, on her travels to Guyana where she saw a harpy eagle nest, and also discussed who is the real Woody Woodpecker. I seemed to be fond of cold country though as I often visit these blogs, sand creek almanac in northern Minnesota, and Prairie Ice for fabulous pictures and stories of penguins in the Antarctic.

The Weather Underground is showing full, bright suns for the next four days. Bring it on!

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  1. Hi Ellen! I'm glad you enjoy my blog; I've been enjoying yours since I found it recently on Nature Blog Network. It's looking and feeling very wintery here in Minnesota today, although I keep telling myself the geese will arrive...soon...