Saturday, March 14, 2009


Perhaps we will take credit for teaching Bella to pick up litter,

but we certainly will not take credit for teaching her to drink Budweiser!

Litter is one of our pet peeves (actually Bella is quite fond of litter). We see a lot of it as we take our daily walk in the morning with the dogs. Anecdotal evidence suggests that beer cans and bottles (especially Budweiser, lite and regular), McDonald's wrappers, and Dunkin' Donuts waste papers dominant the roadside trash. This stuff is bad in any form, but when it turns into litter it is even more annoying.

We continue to wonder who it is that tosses their trash out a car window. Given the other dastardly things that some people do, I suppose littering is the least of our problems. Yet, it seems another symptom of a segment of society with little care for their surroundings.

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