Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome to the Spicebush Log

I can skip my yoga and weights today as I am just in from chipping and shoveling an inch of ice off the driveway, leftover from the storm 10 days ago. With temps reaching into the high 40s the opportunity to clear the ice was now. My exercise over I can settle down and submit my first blog post! A red-breasted nuthatch, one of my favorite birds, visited the feeder this morning. It darts from the nearby pine to the feeder and away quickly with its seed. The "white-nut" is a much more regular visitor. The deep snow this winter has allowed the half dozen gray squirrels to jump over the baffle on the feeder post. Bella, our springer, runs in circles in the house, anxious to chase them away, her tail wagging madly as she scatters the squirrels from the feeders.

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