Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wallis Sands Beach

On Sunday we discovered the dog-friendly (in winter) Wallis Sands Beach on New Hampshire's seacoast and returned on President's Day since the dogs had such a good time and the weather and views were spectacular. Bella met these new canine friends -- it is worth noting how most dogs make quick friends with strangers and enjoy life.
Our 11+ year old Shepherd, Aria, hampered by arthritis and fused vertebrae chased after sticks in the water and jogged down the beach. Her aches and pains washed away at least for a few joyful hours at the beach.
Six miles offshore, the nine islands of the Isles of Shoals shimmered and floated under the bright sun. The islands are bisected by the New Hampshire/Maine border. Appledore, Smuttynose, Malaga, and Ducks Islands are in Maine; Star, Seavey, Cedar, Lunging, and White are in New Hampshire. The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company runs narrated trips from Portsmouth Harbor out and around the islands; the islands are all privately owned so landing occurs by permission only. The islands are steeped in history. A few points of interest include the poet Celia Thaxter's garden and the Shoals Marine Lab on Appledore, the largest tern colony with over 2000 nesting pairs on White and Seavey, the oldest house in Maine on Smuttynose (the image on Smuttynose beer bottles), Star Island's retreat center.

The best time to visit the beach is in winter!

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