Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bella Meets Brutus

Last weekend as we walked along one of our favorite woods road we found a huge, really huge, canine track. We assumed it was a dog, as it was very fresh and wandered about like a domestic dog not a straight, business-like track of a wild canid. Besides, this track would have to be a large wolf (which we don't have in these parts) if not a big dog.

Today we met Brutus, our big-footed track maker.

Bella and he (a very friendly St. Bernard), both about the same goofy 14-16 month old, hit it off immediately. I met Brutus' owner William, a 50-something unemployed high rise construction manager. We shared dog stories and he a little bit about building high-rises, buildings that I try to avoid at all costs. The dogs were happy, whether their owners were employed or not.

As we parted I wished William well with his job search or in looking for a new career that he was considering. Brutus and Bella gave a final chase and then nudged their good-byes, hoping for a meet-up on another day.

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